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Liz and Ray's Borneo Trek

So here's the scoop: Ray and Liz are two of our beloved Knotty kids from the UK that are running off to the Malaysian rainforest in January, 2004 for 17 weeks to do a lil' conservation work! Now as yet, they don't know EXACTLY what there're going to be doing out there, as it depends on what's going down at the time and what needs to be done, but it will most likely have to do with re-planting the rainforest. So for two months they'll be living in the jungle with the bugs and the nasties, and sleeping in hammocks with a few other folks for company. The other two months will be spent helping teach English at schools in the remote Kelabit Highlands.

Seeing as we feel this is most certainly a sponsor-worthy cause, we have chosen to load down these Knotty-soljahs with our wonderful products and apparel to keep their dreadies nappy, and clean clothes always makes people happy, especially when you're traveling! OH yeah.

Also, anyone else who feels they can offer any assistance to help them towards their £3,300 fundraising goal, please contact either:

Update Feb 23 - 2012, The borneotrek website is no longer around :( so we've taken down the links. or Liz -

For more info visit, "Knotty Boy gives knatty nonces knotty bonces!"

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UPDATE: And they're finally off to the wild Indonesian rainforest!

London, UK
Jan. 13, 2004
Farewell, so long, auf wiedersehn, adieu...

Well, my lovelies... I'm flying in 5 days time and this will be my last in-person log-on to the web from here in the UK so I wanted to take the opportunity to say au revoir to all you lovely mailing listers.

Yup, if you've received this mail it's cause you're on the jungle mailing list. What that means is that every time my other half, Dom, receives my letters package from Borneo he'll scribble down all the interesting bits and then mail you the rest. Kidding. No, he'll send you news and updates on which project I'm on, how it's progressing and how I'm coping with the countless medicines weighing my pack down as well as links to the online photo album as it builds up.

Just a reminder, I'll only have 4-5 opportunities to receive and send mail so the letters won't be coming out to you frequently but if you're on this list you will hear from me. If I've put you on this list by mistake just reply to this email with "remove me" or something equally pertinent in the subject header and Dom'll take you off it... but why would you want to miss out on correspondence with me, eh?

Oh, and not all of you have my contact address yet either so here it is:

Liz Cross
Trekforce Expeditions
PO Box 14969
88859 Kota Kinabalu
East Malaysia

If you'd like to save on postage you can email your letters to this address and Dom'll pop them in my mail packages. Likewise, my phone'll still be active so you can text your messages and he'll add them to his letters.

If you do decide to snail mail me can I ask please don't send me chocolate cause it attracts bugs & beasties... besides, the customs officials eat it!

As I've been writing this I've just received an update from Trekforce notifying us the projects have changed slightly. You'll recall both teams (there are 27 of us in total plus medics & leaders) were to be working in the Maliau Basin. The projects were to provide a safe way into the basin for scientists - safe for the ecology not just the people! The Maliau Basin has a temporary reserve status but with the numerous lifeforms which don't existanywhere outside the basin environmentalists are trying to gain permanent reserve status for this unspoilt area.

However, one of the project partners is unable to provide all the necessary materials on schedule so only one team will work in the basin. The other project will be deferred for a later trek. The other team heading out on this trek will work on the Sabah Biodiversity Project - a study to find out how to replant ecologies... because simply replanting trees can cause more harm than good.

None of us know which project we'll be assigned to yet but you can be sure I shall let you know as soon as possible.

All that remains is for me to wish you all the best for the next four months. Take care of yourselves for me. I'll be thinking of you all.

Until May 29th... this is Liz Cross... signing off xx

January 2004 will see me starting a Trekforce rainforest conservation and teaching expedition deep in the Malaysian jungle, supported and sponsored by Knotty Boy ( ).


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Date: Jan. 19, 2004
LizUpdate - she's there!

Well, hello all. This'll be the first mail of many that goes out to all you eager listeners, keeping you up to date on Liz's trek (as much as possible, anyway!)

After leaving Heathrow perfectly on time at 09:40 on Sunday, 18th January, Liz (along with Ray) flew for some 15 hours to Bandar Seri Begawan, where they had an 8 hour stop off. I got a call from Liz saying that they were both ok, she's missing everyone already and that they were really bored and very very tired - what with the evil side effects of Lariam she hadn't done much more than doze on the plane, managing a mere 4 hours sleep in chunks on 15 minutes or so. Sounding exhausted already, they continued on their way to Kota Kinabalu and the Kinabalu Hostel, where they are currently staying.

Again I received a frantic phonecall at around 11pm Malaysian time (they're 8 hours ahead) to say that they had arrived safely at the hostel and were stumbling off to bed for a well deserved rest.

I expect to hear from her in the next 24 hours by phone, so if anyone has a message, text it through to her mobile and I'll do my best to pass it on. Try to keep it brief as time is quite literally money, but please do send your thoughts! I'm sure she'd love to hear from everyone.

For those who don't know me (and for those who do!) I'm Dom, and I'll be your "DJ" for the whole time Liz is away. If you're on this mailing list and don't want to be, reply to just me with the words "No more! I can't take it!" or similar in the subject line. Likewise if you'd prefer to receive updates by post instead of email, forward your snailmail address to me and I'll make sure your kept in the loop.

All the best, and I know you'll all join me in wishing Liz (and Ray) all the good luck she can get!


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Date: Jan. 29, 2004
Subject: LizUpdate - Jungle training and beyond!

Hey guys and gals - the Jungle Training week is nearly over! Tomorrow is their final day of learning how to survive in the rainforests of Borneo. So how have they got this far? The answer is, I just don't know. After one final phonecall last Thursday, Liz (and Ray) headed off to the airport in Kota Kinabalua to meet the rest of the Trekforce group. Since then, they'll have headed into a nearby palm oil plantation, set up a base camp and been trained in the various hows, whys and wherefores of jungle survival -including how to erect a shelter, build fires, sling hammocks and even execute and prepare chickens and similar for eating.. all pretty wild stuff when you're doing it in the middle of a foreign environment.

I've received one letter so far from Malaysia, posted on the 21st - details were pretty much as I expressed in the previous update. There were few things going on while Liz and Ray played havoc in KK, apart from the Chinese New Year celebrations.. they did get to see the famous Lion Dance though - we're expecting pictures! I have to report, though, that Liz's camera has suffered somewhere along the line and seems not to like taking more than 3 pictures per film... I sent out a replacement camera on Tuesday, though, so hopefully we'll still be getting "almost live" (at least a 2 week delay due to postage!) pictures back from the expedition itself.

Tomorrow is D-Day in some ways - by the end of it, Liz'll know which project she's going to be taking part in for the next 7 weeks...There are now two separate projects which Trekforce will be undertakingduring the next period of time - one is in the Maliau Basin, as you will all no doubt have heard from Liz herself - however, due to one of the project partners not being ready in time for the expedition, the other group will now be heading for the Sabah Biodiversity Experiment (SEARP), based in the Danum Valley. Read up more in the attached document...

I should be hearing back from Liz within the next week or so (hopefully!) and I'll make sure that as soon as I do, you all know everything that's going on in the woods. I'm wishing Liz a safe trek to her project site and a fun week or so till the next contact from her - and let's all hope that the next time we hear anything, it's all good news....


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