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DIY Rosemary Dandruff Tonic

hand holding edge of red plastic strainer while infusion from a small pot of boiled rosemary is strained through it

A step-by-step guide to creating your own rosemary for dandruff dreadlock tonic.

It's true that dandruff is the single most common scalp complaint dreadheads have. But before reaching for that horror-filled dandruff shampoo, try this easy scalp tonic - proven highly successful by the Knotty family in ridding locked scalps of annoying flakes.

Caution: Even though this solution is quite diluted, you don't want to burn an irritated scalp. Discontinue use if increased irritation occurs.

Detailed Instructions

step 1 - get your gear

array of necessaries to create this infusion consisting of small red plastic strainer, pile of cotton balls, clear glass, small pot and a small bunch of fresh rosemary
  • Fresh or Dried Rosemary (Not Powdered)
  • Water
  • Small Pot
  • Strainer
  • Cotton balls / makeup removal pads
  • Cup or jar with lid


Step 2 - brew

small stainless steel pot on white electric stove filled with water and whole fresh rosemary

Put one large handful of rosemary in a pot and cover rosemary with water, plus an inch. On medium heat, bring water to just bubbling, then reduce to a low simmer. Simmer for about 20 minutes until the liquid is really dark, like a strong, thick tea. Be very careful not to let it boil dry!

Step 3 - strain & swab

hand holding edge of red plastic strainer while infusion from a small pot of boiled rosemary is strained through it

Carefully strain the liquid into cup or jar and let cool. Once cool, soak a cotton ball or pad in the solution, then carefully swab scalp with tonic on all irritated spots. Let scalp dry. If you really want to rinse you can, but it's best to keep the solution in contact with your scalp as long as possible.

Et voila! You should notice the dandruff is much less, if not completely gone, the next day. Repeat application if needed, up to three times per week.



hand holding a cotton ball above a clear glass of dark amber rosemary infusion

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