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French Draids

woman with two tightly braided ridges of dreadlocks on her head both starting in front and continuing to nape of her neck
left hand side view of french draids hairstyle

"Well, in the photo, I have two 'french draids', but this style can be equally fabulous with one draid right up the back. For the two draids, flip your head down so that your dreads are upside-down, swinging freely. Separate your dreads into two halves, and fasten one side with an elastic to keep them out of the way. Now, with the freely swingin' side, start at the bottom nape of your neck. Begin French-braiding your dreads upside-down, going towards the top of your head.

woman with light blonde coloured dreadlocks standing in front of a trellis showing left hand rear view of french draids hairstyle

When you get to the top of your head, or wherever you want to stop the 'draid', grab a loose dread on each side of the draid, and tie it in place. Repeat this process with the other side, stopping at the same spot that you did the other side. Play around with the loose dreads on top and pull some of them back so that they're hanging between the two draids, and just play around with them until you find a way they fall that looks good, and suits you."

submitted by Knotty Brianna

right hand view of french draids dreadlock style showing elastic holding ends together

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