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Natty Twist

natty twist dreadlock style side view
natty twist dreadlock style front view

"This elegant and easy 'do is a great way to look sharp in a heart-beat! Begin by simply dividing your dreads into two equal halves, parting straight down the middle. Wrap an elastic band around one half to keep it out of the way, then begin twisting the other half. Start at the front of the part, at the top of your forehead. Gather up the dreads that make up your 'bangs', and begin twisting them back towards the back of your head, twisting clockwise (on the left side of your head, or counter-clockwise on the right side of your head), or 'in', towards your scalp.

natty twist dreadlock style back view

Try to make the twist not 'tight', but 'firm. As you go down your hairline, towards the back of your head, add in more and more dreads as you go, so that by the time you're at the back, they've all found a place in the ever-growing twist.

Now, when you start on the next side, you either need to be skilled, and be able to hold the existing twist with one hand, and do the next side using only one hand, or have a friend hold the existing twist to avoid it unravelling. When both sides are complete, use a hair band (a big one!) to fasten the two 'tails' of the twists into a bun at the back of your head."

submitted by Knotty Brianna

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