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Are dreads, twists, locks, and braids different hairstyles?


Yes. There are many roads to the top of the mountain.

Twists are a method of starting dreads; dreads, locks, locs, dreadlocks, dreds, dredlocs, and so on are different spellings which, despite meaning different things to different people, are visually the same thing: hair bundles which have been in some way sectioned and allowed to, or caused to, entangle semi-permanently or permanently. Or if you like, a community of hair gathered into neighbouring families.

Twists are effective as a starting method for dreadlocks, but usually not for hair textures below 4, ie kinky, or "very" curly. Twists aren't usually backcombed, which is necessary for most lighter (curly down to straight) hair to lock. As a guideline: if your hair won't stay sectioned on its own, then twists are probably not right for you.

If a well meaning salon insists on this, ask a lot of questions and make sure you like the answers. Social media is a great tool for finding out if a particular salon or stylist specializes in your hair type.

Braids are, well..braided hair. They can be used as a starter method, but it's a long process, and the braided hair usually won't ever turn into a truly knotted lock. It's a great look to rock on its own merits, but there are way easier ways to start dreads.




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