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Barry Kerch - drummer, Shinedown

Belinda Hinmueller & Her 30,0000km Tandem Bike Trip!

Three London Lads Trek the Length of New Zealand

Anders Ford (left & pictured below) contacted us in October 2010, just as he was preparing to embark on a journey of a lifetime with friend Landey Patton & brother Damienmarc Ford - to hike the newly opened Te Araroa Trail, which runs the entire length of the islands of New Zealand, to raise money for two very important charities: Solar Light for Africa & WaterAid. During Anders' preparation, he had a lot of "nay-sayers" telling him he should cut his 5-year old, started with Knotty Boy, dreadlocks off - to which Anders said, "Hell no!" because he knew he could keep them clean and tamed in the jungle, especially with our help. So Knotty Boy sent the trekkers our safe enough to use in precious waterways All Purpose Shampoo Bars to keep them, and our planet, clean and happy!

Check out what Anders had to say in this update from March 2011!!

Hi KnottyBoy, firstly apologies that I haven't written sooner internet connection in the New Zealand bush is not great :). Today is Day 122 of our epic trek across the length of New Zealand on the Te Araroa Trail for charity.

I have to say I was at first concerned about the potential health of my dreadlocks with living in the wilderness for 5 months, but then you came to the rescue and sponsored us with Every Body All Purpose Shampoo bars and we have used them all the way, in lakes, rivers and mountain streams through the majority of NZ. Not only do we not stink most the time, my dreadlocks are still healthy and are longer, blonder and more ultra badass than ever and they smell awesome after every wash.. Even better, as the bars are all natural, they do not pollute any of the precious and delicate waterways we occasionally wash in! Here's a picture of me doing so.

Ultimately, we couldn't have done it without you Knotty Boy. Thanks a knotty bunch! Anders from Tastytrek

We're thrilled to be part of this journey, TastyTrek, best of luck to you!

See where TastyTrek is now & how you can help

Barry Kerch - drummer, Shinedown

No big deal, its just Knotty Barry from Shinedown popping by the Knotty Boy Lock Shop to get his wild-man mane o' locks sweetened up for the show later that night. While Knotty stylist Kris worked her magic, Kelley swooped in and hit him up for Knotty Boy sponsorship before he left, which he happily accepted, leaving with an armload of goodies and a head of tidy locks!

"Knotty Boy products keep my hair rockin' and looking good day in and day out on the road or at home. Everyone comments on how my dreads look and smell and I can thank Knotty Boy for that."
Barry Kerch

This is the email he sent us later...

Hey Kelley, Thank you so much for a great experience today at the Salon. Also, please thank Kris for me. She was amazing and a delight to be around. Too much fun for a sometimes-painful hair appointment.

Thanks again,


We've officially concluded Barry just might be the sweetest guy in rock we've met so far.



Belinda Hinmueller & Her 30,0000km Tandem Bike Trip!

Meet Nurse Belinda and Teacher Roland as they begin their epic journey together July 2009, tandem cycling 30,000km from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Usuhuia, Argentina! The Knotty Boy Lock Shop caught wind of their excellent adventure for charity and helped Belinda out with a lovely head of locks to mark this huge chapter in her life with Roland, as together they roooolll on down the Pan American Highway for the next year.

Watch the making of her locks and learn more about their incredible journey here!

Keep up with them via their online journal Good luck, Belinda and Roland!

Check out the past Sponsored Knotty Sponsored Kid Archives here!

**NOTE: we are currently revitalizing our entire sponsorship program, and as a result will NOT be accepting any applications at this time. Please check back for updates, which will be posted as soon as possible!**

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