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Our sponsored children



Cher Canada


Children's Health, Education and Relief (CHER) is a registered, non-profit organization that aids in the relief of poverty by providing children in under-developed countries with education, meals and basic medical care.

Way back in 1999, Knotty Boy sponsored our first child, Memory, from Malawi, Africa, as a small thank you for the blessings of that very first year of business. By 2003, it became our determined goal to sponsor five additional children so they could also receive food, clothing and education by December of that year - a goal which was happily reached with the help of you, our generous Knotty family!

In just over one year, your donations, $1 at a time, allowed us to sponsor a total of five more kids around the world - at a rate of one child every three months - with a total of 30% of our Knotty customer family making this small donation! Do you know how huge that is?? If we at Knotty Boy have learned anything from all of this, it's how easy it is to make choices that don't cost a lot, yet directly impact the lives of others so they can grow up having the same opportunities to change their worlds, too. Exciting!

When you choose the $1 donation option upon check-out, 100% of your dollar goes toward providing a child with food, clothing and schooling they otherwise would not have had. If 30% of you still choose this option, it simply means we're going to be adding twice as many kids to our little Sponsored Family than we were before, twice as fast. How can you not love that?

Thank you so much for coming along with us on these efforts, and helping make it even easier for us to be an ethical company, dedicated to what we like to call 'purpose beyond profits'. It may seem like a drop in the bucket to help only a small handful in a world overflowing with people in need, but your donations give these children opportunities they might not have ever dreamed of otherwise. Thank you for your generosity, and keep bringing the love!

For more information about the CHER organization, or if you are interested in sponsoring your own child, please visit the CHER website.

Knotty Boy does not profit from these donations - all funds are used to directly sponsor children in need.

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