Starting dreads, but just not sure what you'll need?

We've done the hard work for you by putting together the bare essentials for starting locks from scratch (and in larger Kits, a few fun extras), at a discount!

Incredible locks
in weeks, not years.

Create and maintain beautiful locks in any hair type easier, faster, and cleaner with Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care products.

Pure ingredients, simple instructions and limitless customer support. Think Dreadlocks, Think Knotty Boy - the Original Since 1998!

Why should i use the removal kit instead of regular conditioner?


Because it's the best product made for the purpose.

The Emergency Dreadlock Removal Kit is made specifically to remove dreadlocks in any hair type. We've heard from people who have had their locks for 15+ years and then removed them successfully - it takes patience, but if you want to keep your hair, it's worth it!

The Kit comes with two parts:

• The Dreadlock Removal Shampoo is designed to remove any product buildup, and any environmental buildup. If you've had your dreads for any length of time, you've got some.

• The Damage Control Deep Conditioner is where the magic happens. It's a super-slippery formula that coats your hair, making it much more resistant to breaking during the picking & combing out process

The components are not available separately.




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