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Here's a band that's been working hard for Knotty Boy Dreadstuff and now we've FINALLY got them up on the site - sorry for the delay, guys!


Lead singer for Skerv, Rob Winchester, knocks our socks off with his tidy dreads, but they weren't always this way!

"Until I found the Knotty products I just had some messy hair. After some fine tuning they became the knots they are today. If you like metal, then give us a listen!"


Okay, Rob! So all you Knotty people, check them out here on YouTube and get it shakin' with Skerv's loud sounds. Skerv has a string of shows coming up so check out their website for dates, locations and new information about the band including lyrics and pictures.


"After trying a lot of different stuff, I found Knotty Boy. Since then that's all I use. Now my locks are little tighter and they feel a lot cleaner. The only wax for my nappy locks is Knotty Boy's. Thanks for the help!"

Rob Winchester

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