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Andrea Heins

Check her out:

Andrea has been writing music since she was about 11, when her neighbor and her co-wrote what should have been a number one radio hit “heartbroken”. Fortunately she wasn’t discouraged when she didn’t become an overnight sensation! She grew up happily angering the other kids that she played with when her Barbie always had to be the ‘singer’ Barbie.
She bought her first guitar when she was in high school hoping that having bought a guitar, she would then have the incentive to learn how to play it. And learn how to play it she did. She recorded her first album when she’d only been playing for 1 year, and went promptly to record a second album in her bedroom in November of 2002.
She then traveled Europe for a while where she was fortunate enough to be invited onstage at a Belle and Sebastian concert at Massey hall. That was enough to kick her into high songwriting gear and record a really kickin’ cd to present to Belle and Sebastian in Scotland where she is presently promoting her butt off.

“Knotty Boy dread wax helps me keep my dreads…. And the shampoo bar helps me keep my friends! I get lots of surprised comments from people who’ve had to put up with smelly dread heads in their life, wondering how my dreads can look so hot and be so clean!! I’ve even managed to convince people who don’t even have dreads to start using the shampoo bar ‘cause it’s that good for your hair. Yes indeedy, Knotty Boy’s stuff is kickin’, and I’m not just saying that because they told me to – look at my dreads!”

Favorite colour: wine red
Favorite food: red curry
Favorite movie: The life aquatic / Amelie
Favorite activity: Playing music.

Favorite places I've been: the beach in Leptokarya, Greece, or a small
mossy cove on the Isle of Arran in Scotland.

Favorite quotes: "he who knows enough is enough will always have enough."
-- Lao Tzu

Funniest experience as a kid: hmmm....a tricky one. Funniest for everyone
else? Probably the time I was talking so distractedly that I walked
straight into a pole.

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