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Six of Kele 6

KnottySix hails from Tel Aviv, Israel. In 1998 he began Kele 6, the famed Israeli rap group (hey, that’s when Knotty Boy was born, too!), and since that time they’ve done nothing but grown and grown and groooown!

On July 1st, 2005 Kele 6 released their highly-successful debut album, and shortly after were offered sponsored by ‘And 1’, the US basketball clothing company, which they accepted. Before they knew it, they were appearing in magazines, newspapers, on TV and radio, and playing in just about every city in the country. They also received a 2005 Golden Ringtone award for one of their signals.

In July 2006,  Kele 6’s second album was released and went Gold in just two weeks. Around the same time, their contract with ‘And 1’ was fulfilled, and Kele 6 was snapped up for sponsorship by Reebok.

Kele 6 continues to have their amazing talents recognized with several number 1 singles, openings for 50 Cent and several more Golden Ringtone awards. Watch out Europe – they’re also preparing a Euro tour in 2007!


(Like Six's camouflage Knotty Boy dreadband? Well, you can't have it,
but you can get yer own here!)

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