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The Knotty Boy of Knotty Boys!

This is little KnottyOzzie, although he’s not so little anymore!

When we were first contacted by his mom back in 2000, Ozzie was a solid three years young. We first received an e-mail containing a tale of a little boy from Mountain View, California who suddenly decided one day that he wanted to git nappy. So his mom, Heidi, got some Knotty Boy Dread Wax and started to help him out. Over the next few months , and now years, she has continued to let us in on how things are going...


"... Last night the Dreadlock Fairy came while he was sleeping (ok, it's really me) and I really got into the whole organic kind of dreadgroove. I went back to some of the original skinny ones (that stick straight up by the way) with my flea comb and really got them knotted and tangled to cover his scalp. That really helps. That way, they come out in a more natural looking shape as opposed to a bunch of nice neat salon-perfect uniform locks."
"... I was a little timid at first, but as I went, I think I get better and better. I can only do a few at a time since Ozzie is only three years old. His hair is really fine and straight, but it sure is getting that nappy look."
"...I sat down to do some the other day and he started yelling. I said "Hey, what's up?" and he replied "Gotta listen to Reggae!" The song "Kinky Reggae" came on my tape and the boys all started laughing and wanted to know why the song was called "Stinky Reggae"? I was totally relieved not to have to explain what kinky meant to a three-year-old. Anyway, when that song comes up Ozzie says "I guess he just couldn't settle down in the stinky part of town..."
"... Wanted to tell you that Ozzie had a modeling job today for Child Magazine. They booked him because of his dreads. The photographer and his assistant totally loved the hair. If the film makes it to print, I'll be sure to let you know."
"We couldn't have done it without you and Knotty Boy Dread Wax. You believed in us - and the dread wax is definitely a superior product!"
- Heidi Alletzhauser

Ozzie is now 8 years old and still has his lovely LONG locks. He's also an aspiring young model, so if you would like to hire him for your rock videos, etc, or just want to ask about his nappy knots, you can contact his mom, Heidi, via e-mail here or call Ingrid French Management in New York, NY at 646.602.0653.


Way to go, Ozzie! You're our littlest Knotty rocker!

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