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Wendy Robinson

photo credits to:
Reggie Robinson - Downtime Photo
Jamey Kramer
Robin O'Niell

Meet Wendy Robinson of Whistler, our own legendary ski hill here in beautiful BC, Canada. Wendy has been knotty for about eleven years, and is an ‘extreme sports’ lady-of-many talents, snowboarding in the winter and mountain-biking in the summer!


Wendy began competing in snowboarding twelve years ago. In February 2005, her amazing talents won her First prize in Whistler’s “Queen Of the Rails’ Snowboard event, followed by First place in both Women’s and Mixed snowboarding at the McConkey’s Cup event in March 2005. In biking, she has also won First place in Whistler’s Women’s Division of the Boneyard Bike Jam in October 2004, and loads of other impressive placements, as well.


When she’s not busy competing and riding, for the past ten years Wendy has worked with children and youth teaching life skills, sports and lessons in the outdoors, as well as being a Snowboard School Trainer and an Evaluator for the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors - phew!


Here's what Wendy has to say about Knotty Boy - aw!


“Knotty Boy products are the best dread products out there; I turn to nothing else to clean and maintain my nappy dreads! I've never used a product that has kept my dreads so tight and clean. Since my first jar to the most recent, I have been stoked on every one of their products that I have gotten my hands on. If you want to keep your friends, you need to keep your dreads clean and smelling fresh. No one likes to stinking people. I recommend the Knotty Boy Shampoo Bars to keep your mop clean and to prevent people from running away!"



We here at Knotty Boy think Wendy's an amazing lady and are thrilled she has been accepted as one of this season’s Knotty Boy Sponsored Kidz. Keep up the awesome work, Wendy!

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