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How can i work loose hair back in?


The easiest and most effective way to get stray loose hairs back into your lock is to palmroll (while damp> with Locksteady Tropical Tightening Gel or (while perfectly dry) with Dread Wax.

If neither of these work for you, go ahead and palmroll when at least slightly damp - use a mister bottle with water or after shampooing. When hair is wet it's very elastic, which makes it easier for you to control the shape of your locks as time goes on - particularly useful in cases where locks are bunched up or kinked.

For larger amounts of loose hair with free ends (as in, the loose hair isn't attached at both ends to the dread, like a big bubble) you can backcomb it when it's dry and then palmroll it back into your lock with a little wax. For bubbles, you can use a very fine crochet hook to pull the hair back into the lock from the opposite side. (If you use a large hook, you will simply create a hole for more hair to escape out of, in addition to potentially damaging your hair.)




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